India Today, the country's most prestigious and largest-circulated news magazine, has instituted a special award for the Central government's Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) for their contribution to the socio-economic growth of India. The primary aim of the award is to set a benchmark of growth for the industry through objective assessment and evaluation of PSUs on various parameters and sub-parameters in several categories.

The second award ceremony was held on December 14th, 2015 where 32 PSUs across eight categories were awarded for their extraordinary performance. The details of these awards can be accessed here:


The 3rd annual award will be presented by the end of this year in more award categories.

To make this prestigious award robust, transparent and plausible, India Today has partnered with Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), as its knowledge partner.

To objectively evaluate the relative merits and demerits of PSEs on various parameters, their participation is solicited through this objective participation form.

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