B-School rankings have existed for over a decade but in today's complex and changing business environment it would be appropriate to give special credit to institutes producing well groomed managers and tune the benchmarking standards with the needs of the industry.

Despite of economy slowdown, MBA/PGDM is still one of the most coveted post-graduate programs in the country. Professional management programs are based on the premise that people can learn to manage business situations more effectively and precisely. However, mushrooming of a number of institutions/B-schools providing business management education/courses in the country is diluting the prestigious degree. The gulf between the top business schools and run-of-the-mill institutions is widening. While India's top business schools are increasingly being recognized internationally, the remaining thousands of management institutes in the country are struggling even to fill their empty seats.

Eventually it is needed to separate the wheat from the chaff and bring out the best B-Schools in the country out of almost 4,000 business schools. MDRA in association with Business Today, invites Business institutes/schools to participate and provide their objective data for Best B School Ranking 2019.

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