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Our Team

Founded by Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao, the founder member and former president of erstwhile ORG, noted communications expert and proponent of social marketing in India, MDRA has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at the helm.


MDRA has three teams of experts, each playing an important role in ensuring high quality results - customer services, technical services and management.


Customer Services


The team consists of capable and responsive communicators responsible for completing research assignments within timeline and within client’s budget. They are responsible for coordination and execution of all steps in the research process. This team includes consultants and project managers.


Technical Services


The team consists of highly skilled research oriented minds with access to the latest technologies to deliver accurate, in-depth information at the lowest possible costs to our clients. This team includes database managers, statistical analysts and electronic publishing specialists. Throughout the research process, the emphasis of technical services is on accuracy, with multiple verification steps built-in the process.





Consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel who guide various teams with their wealth of knowledge in market research and communications so that our clients can be sure their research requirements are fulfilled with highest integrity. This team includes senior management and marketing personnel responsible for overall management and developing business strategies.


Field Network

MDRA has a nationwide network of expert research professionals for undertaking micro and macro extensive research. Our field investigators are spread across almost all major urban and rural locations in the country, working on project-to-project basis. MDRA field personnel have worked with many institutions in different parts of the country on a collaborative basis. MDRA has carried out market surveys with sample size varying from 2,000 to 2,00,000 across various socio-economic strata, geographies, genders and age-groups.



MDRA is proud member of The Market Research Society of India (MRSI)

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