Election Related Studies

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Pioneer in studies on elections and polls in India

The constantly changing political affiliations demand not only scientific psephological exercise, but beyond. Therefore, MDRA has developed unique model consisting of strategic evaluation of the setting, public opinions, perceptions, preferences and concerns of various sections of voters at various levels. This model has greatly helped political parties and candidates in formulating operational strategies towards an electoral advantage. Bringing to fore the under currents of electorate’s concerns and motivations helps and enables region specific initiatives and mount a far more effective campaign.

MDRA has been pioneer in election-related studies on several counts:
  • Chairman Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao has been one of the foremost to take psephology (statistical study of elections and trends in voting) over four decades ago. He has been termed as “pollster” by various media. His pioneering book “A Handbook of Poll Surveys in Media: An Indian Perspective” has been acclaimed most authoritative book on the subject.

  • MDRA is pioneer in conducting qualitative and quantitative studies on elector-behaviour to help the Election Commission of India (ECI) to increase elector participation and voter turnout. This has helped the ECI in deeply understanding voter knowledge, attitude, behaviour and practices and helped in significant jump of voter turnout in recent elections.

  • MDRA has helped various media organizations in understanding people perception on government’s performance. 

  • With its experience and expertise, MDRA has undertaken studies to suggest most appropriate and popular “winning” candidates based on public and opinion leaders’ perception through unique studies 

  • MDRA has nationwide field and research infrastructure to conduct quick opinion polls that give direction of electors’ mood and timely, pragmatic suggestions to gain better electoral support. 

Our approach enables clients to get insights into their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be worked upon. 

For more information, contact our election-cell: info@mdraonline.com 
Abhishek Agrawal – abhishek@mdraonline.com (+91-9899979166)
Raj Kumar – rajkumar@mdraonline.com (+91-9899979163)
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